Mobile-TV Front-end RF/Demodulator LSI

“MN88553” and “MN885521” are system LSIs supporting world-wide terrestrial broadcast systems
(ISDB-T, ISDB-Tsb, ISDB-Tmm, and DVB-T).
With the monolithically integrated low-power RF (Radio Frequency) tuner, high-performance OFDM demodulator, and error correction, these products output transport stream (TS) data.
Designed for low noise and optimized for mobile use, these system LSIs are resistant to mobile and multi-path environments, and have the best performance* in the industry.
With the integrated RF tuner, they achieve the industry's lowest power consumption* and minimize total BOM (Bill of Materials) count. These small-sized products contribute to improving the competitiveness of products for smartphones, tablets, and accessory devices (marketed in Japan, South America, the Philippines, and Europe).
Support the broadcast systems in many countries of the world, and have a built-in demodulator with an extensive proven track record in the market. Our products cover the colored regions in the following figure.




※Based on our survey in January 2016
Product lineup
Area Product No. Package DTV system
South America
South Africa
MN885521 0.4mm pitch
WLCSP 79pin
MN88553 0.4mm pitch
WLCSP 62pin
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