8K/4K TV Demodulator LSI SC1501A

We have developed the world’s first*1 demodulator LSI that is compatible both with the advanced wide-band satellite digital broadcasting(ISDB-S3)*2, and channel bonding technology based on ITU-T J.183. This is capable of receiving various form of signals including direct signals from the satellites, as well as retransmission through cables such as IF pass through and transmodulation.
Demodulator LSI that is compatible both with ISDB-S3 and channel bonding technology based on ITU-T J.183.
Output MMT(MPEG Media Transport)/ TLV(Type Length Value) stream that is selectable from TLV format and IP format.
This LSI can be utilized in combination with our codec and digital TV SoC products to easily develop receiver systems such as TVs, recorders, and set-top-boxes.
System Configuration [8K TV]

Function Specification
Product number SC1501A
Package HQFN 48pin(7 x 7mm)0.5mm lead pitch
Demodulation ISDB-T/S/S3/C
ITU-T J.183
ISDB-S3 Reception Modulation: 32APSK/ 16APSK/ 8PSK/ QPSK/ BPSK
Symbol rate: 33.7561Mbaud
ITU-T J.183 Reception Modulation: ISDB-C 256QAM/ 64QAM (Up to 4 carriers)
Symbol rate: 5.274Mbaud
I/F Input IF input
  Center frequency: Low IF
  Differential 1V[p-p]/ Single 1V[p-p]
IQ input
  Differential 1V[p-p]/ Single 1V[p-p]
Output Output for MMT/TLV or TS stream
Control I2C(MAX 400kbit/s)
Power Voltage: External 3.3 V / Internal 1.2V
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