Media Cloud Solution

Socionext’s Media Cloud solution is designed to provide a tenfold density improvement for video processing in the data center. The company aims to address the ever-increasing and compute-intensive mass consumption of high-quality video.

The Socionext MB86M30 chip, nicknamed “M30”, is a power-efficient and broadcast quality transcoder that is the building block for Socionext’s Media Cloud. The company offers a comprehensive MPEG2, AVC (H.264) and HEVC (H.265) tool kit for implementation of superior coding efficiency.

With Socionext’s video expertise and the partners server infrastructure expertise, the combined solutions are designed to solve the power, density, and quality necessary for a HEVC future proof transcoder.
MB86M30-based Hybrid Server
The Socionext M30 Media Cloud is capable of real-time transcoding up to 256 Bundles of AVC/ HEVC ABR (Adaptive Bit Rate) streams (for 1080p input). The transcoder handles all video-processing functions within a single chip, drastically reducing power consumption to as low as 1/10 of conventional systems built with standard servers. It supports encoding, decoding and transcoding of MPEG2, AVC/ H.264 and HEVC/ H.265 video and up to 8-channel audio with equal facility.

The hybrid model Socionext engineers adopted with server partners consists of 32 transcode ICs densely packed into a 1RU server, with traditional X86 CPU for Conductor and application management. The server chassis can be customized to a specific vendor, with the standard supporting dual redundant power supplies, dual port 10 Gbe LAN and other features standard to data center servers.

Integration is a simple process as software porting is facilitated by a FFmpeg, GStreamer, or even customized plug-in. All the complexity of dealing with hardware is under the hood.

Socionext Media Cloud is a compact, low-power and cost-effective solution for processing large volume of media data for video systems and “Live” transcode broadcasting.


Live broadcast transcoding

Over the Top (OTT) distribution

Live events and sports encoding

Streaming Service Providers (SSPs)

Television broadcast

Education, government, and religious organizations

Video conferencing systems
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