3D Surround Sound Solution [Entertainment/Digital signage]

Socionext has developed "3D surround sound technology" for providing a sense of presence in the reproduced sound by making full use of spatial acoustics technology. When applied to gaming devices or digital signage equipment, this technology can enhance the sense of presence in the game or increase the effectiveness of signage advertisements, thereby making the sound reproduction with products using the technology more attractive. This technology, which has already been used in game software products from famous manufacturers, has an extensive track record of selling in the market.
Provides listeners an amazing sense of presence as if the sound source was close to their ears
Controls the direction of the sound coming from the speakers with only the front speakers
Requires no hardware modifications because you only need to play back sounds processed with a 3D sound authoring tool
The technology can be applied to a wide range of products, including gaming consoles for home-use, gaming devices, digital signage equipment, and arcade games.

Introduction example

You only need to process a sound object into a 3D sound object to obtain 3D surround sound effects.
We will provide a 3D sound authoring tool tuned to suit your reproduction equipment.
Acoustics Software IP 3D Surround Sound Solution [PDF]
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