System LSI for Public Displays MN81010H

“MN81010H” is a system LSI for public displays that features a variety of interfaces and delivers
multi-purpose digital signage solutions.
It supports multi-screen configurations, is network compatible, and can be used to efficiently develop
public display products in varying configurations.



System LSI for Public Displays

“MN81010H” Catalog(PDF)
The built-in high-performance CPU (ARM CA9) and high-performance GPU (OpenGL ES2.0) deliver a wide range of effects and quick response with a high-speed graphics rendering.
A vast range of content playback is supported. For example, content playback over the network and various media playback (USB etc.) are supported.
Multi-screen compatibility allows expansion to arrays of up to 10 x 10 panels. In order that the multiple panels look seamlessly as a single screen, it is possible to adjust individually the size/ position and chromaticity/ brightness of the displayed image in each panel.
Since many peripherals are incorporated, systems can be built with the minimum amount of external components.
Multi-screen displays
Large screen displays up to 10 x 10 panels
Enables seamless, natural images
Digital signage devices
Low-cost, space-saving interactive signage
Features include eye-catching video effects
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