Mobile Medical Solution “viewphii”

About a viewphii Solution

Mobile Ultrasound Imaging Solution “viewphii US”

Ultra light, only 150g
Possible to use for 1 working day with a fully charged device (continuous operation time of a fully charged device: over 5 hours)-
Fast start-up, easy to use
[New] Upgrade image quality.
Use cases
- Visualization of blood vessel and blood vessel puncture
- Visualization of soft tissue
- Biopsy
- Nerve block
- Supporting informed consent at doctor's office
- At ambulances and air-ambulances
- Telemedicine, home medical care
Mobile Continuous Blood Pressure Solution “viewphii CBP”

Best by beat blood pressure monitor without interruptions
Small and light weight
Detection of blood pressure variability in real-time
[New] Enhance operability.
Use cases
- Monitor during dialysis
- Monitor during surgery
- Monitor after surgery
- Head-up tilt test
- At ambulance and air-ambulance
- Tele medicine, home medical care
Mobile Electrocardiogram Solution “viewphii ECG”

12- Lead ECG
Ultra small device, cableless
Integrated electrode; just attach to the body
24 hours continuous measurement
Use cases
- 12-lead rest ECG
- Stress ECG
- Mechanocardiography (electrocardiogram, heart sound, carotid pulse wave)
- Continous recording 12-lead ECG for 24 hours
- At ambulances and air-ambulances
- Telemedicine, home medical care

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