H.264/H.265 Codec

Our video distribution solutions connect our imaging solutions, allowing communication and showing content that attracts viewers. Our solutions don't just reduce the number of bands required for video distribution, but they also reduce the storage capacity for content by using our video compression and expansion technologies. Offering the most advanced encoding, we achieve maximum value for video distribution and provide new value to our customers.

Using its video codec technology, the Connected Imaging BU has realized a real-time encoder with broadcasting quality compatible with the most advanced H.265 (HEVC) format on a single chip for the first time ever. This encoder has already been used by customers around the world, and its performance and image quality are highly admired by professionals in the field of imaging. Going forward, we will continue challenging ourselves to realize world-leading advanced technologies in the field of high quality and next-generation codec format.

Product Line-up
Product Feature
H.265(HEVC)/H.264 compatible
Video encoding/Transcoding accelerator card
H.265(HEVC) 4K/60p Small & Low Power Codec
H.265(HEVC) 4K/60p Real-time Encoder
H.265(HEVC) 4K/60p Multi Format Codec
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