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We provide world-class advanced solutions that help you build a user-friendly and secure network in the era of cloud computing.


With the arrival of cloud computing
digital devices and network services have become more and more essential in our lives. Both high-speed access and
safety areessential in building a user-friendly network to connect such devices or services to the cloud. We have
achieved this bycombining our world-class advanced technologies that we have developed through years of experience. We will help
you createinnovative user experiences with a secure link to the cloud.
4K Media Player Solutions
Due to wider variety of viewing environment and high-resolution video format like 4K, today's media boxes play the role of a hub, integrating playback, recording, and distribution functions. We were among the first to meet these needs, providing new user experiences through our SoC for compact, low-power media boxes that integrate encoders, as well as transcoders.
4K Ultra HD Blu-ray™/STB Solutions
The evolution of playback devices and content resulted in the need to support new methods for playback, recording, and distribution, such as time-shifted viewing of full-channel recording and redistribution of content via networks. The solutions we provide utilize 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray™ recorders, STB equipment, and other products that are fun and convenient to use. We integrate various codecs, including H.265 (HEVC), the storage, and network functionality into a compact space.
Mobile DTV Tuner Solutions
This solution can cope with mobile and multi-path environments through low-noise design and mobile optimization, and boasts the industry's top class performance and adoption rate. In addition, our latest technologies achieve both the lowest power consumption*1 and the smallest footprint*1 yet due to a reduced number of external components. This solution can enhance the appeal of smartphone, tablet, and accessory products in Japan, South America, the Philippines, and Europe.
*1 Half that of our previous models
Thin Client Solutions
We provide a comprehensive solution for the increasingly ubiquitous thin client, optimizing server-client communications. This solution allows client terminals to use cloud applications and remote desktop environments with ultra-low latency. Using this solution eliminates the need to upgrade terminals using software, significantly lowering running cost.
Audio Solutions
Use of multi channel audio, like 22.2 channel surround system, is becoming more popular. Meanwhile, TV speakers have become thinner and smaller, making it more difficult to reproduce powerful sound. Our audio solutions address these issues. With IP-based acoustic software technologies for reproducing powerful bass, even with small diameter speakers, and localizing sound images at various positions only with the front speakers, our technologies improve the reproduction of sounds from a wide range of products.
Product Line-up
Product: MN2WS03101 (PXs2)
Feature: H.265 (HEVC)/VP9,4K/60p decoder,AV recording and playback
Mobile DTV tuner (RF, Demodulation Integrated LSI)
Product: MN88553
Feature: Compliant with digital terrestrial broadcasting in various countries
・ISDB-T (Full segment, one-segment)
 (Multimedia broadcasting)
・DVB-T (European system)
Virtual Desktop
Product: SC1110 (PXiV)
Feature: PCoIP® hardware decoder 2-channel, 4K video output
Audio solution
Feature:Localization of audio sources at the ear, harmonic bass
Main IPs
● H.264 decoder/encoder
● H.265 (HEVC) decoder/encoder
● Blu-ray Disc™ recorder function
● Digital RF, broadcast demodulation
● Thin client accelerator
● USB 3.0
● 3D audio processing
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