Imaging ― Visualization

We provide one-stop solutions for displaying
large amounts of information clearly.

These days, our lives are surrounded by massive amounts of video information. We provide display devices to present the information out there, as well as other solutions for revolutionizing office equipment. Using technology to display information, we help people create a more prosperous future.
Display Solutions
Integrated Human Machine Interface (HMI)
We provide solutions to control various displays such as instrument clusters, head-up displays and in-vehicle infotainment systems. Through the uniform control of information using products such as high-performance graphics SoC (GDC) and display controllers, users can customize the display of information, providing a more seamless HMI, a high-resolution display, and a safer system. Another great advantage we offer is a common design that is compatible with various car models and grades.
  • Ability to uniformly control multiple displays
  • Achieves lower BOM costs through a simple structure
360° Wrap-Around View Systems
This system can display the area you want to see from the location and the angle you want to see it from. For example, this system can seamlessly display an image of your car as seen from above, providing a wide, 360° wrap-around view of the vehicle without the viewer noticing differences in brightness. The optimum LSI and basic software is provided in one package, allowing customers to build systems in fewer man-hours.The 360°Wrap-Around View System conforms to the Drive Monitoring System standards (IEC63033).
Document Solutions
By placing high-performance, highly extensible SoCs at the core, and using a power saving sub-system (network standby/response), interface macro (LCD controller), analog front end (scanner, touch panel), and other IPs, we provide custom SoCs that meet the needs of customers in a short period. Also, by using our design service (LSI design verification, PCB co-design), customers can reduce costs and shorten development periods.
Mobile Medical Equipment Solutions
Using our expertise in sensing technology, we have developed "viewphii™" a mobile medical-device solution for non-invasive monitoring. We combine this technology with tablet applications that display sensing data to provide a technological platform that can be applied to the field of medical care.
  • Mobile Ultrasound Imaging Solution "viewphii US"
  • Mobile Continuous Blood Pressure Solution "viewphii CBP"
  • Mobile Electrocardiogram Solution "viewphii ECG"
Product Line-up
Display Solution (Integrated HMI)
product: MB86R11/12/13
Specialty:Cortex®-A9、3D GPU SEERIS®(Socionext 2D GPU)
product: MB86R24
Specialty:Cortex®-A9 Dual、3D GPU SEERIS®(Socionext 2D GPU)
product: SC1810
Specialty:Cortex -A9 Quad, 3D GPU, SEERIS®(Socionext 2D GPU) VPU(Vision processor unit), CODEC(H.264), M-JPEG Decoder
product: MB88F334/336 MB86R91
Specialty:APIX2® 3Gbps SEERIS®(Socionext 2D GPU)
Display Solution(360° wraparoundview)
product: MB86R11/12/13
Specialty: Cortex®-A9、3D GPU SEERIS®
(Socionext 2D GPU)
product: MB86R24
Specialty: Cortex®-A9 Dual、3D GPU SEERIS®
(Socionext 2D GPU)
product: SC1810
Specialty: Cortex -A9 Quad, 3D GPU, SEERIS®
(Socionext 2D GPU) VPU(Vision processor unit),
CODEC(H.264), M-JPEG Decoder
HMI Authoring Solution
product: CGI STUDIO
Specialty: Authoring Tool
Document Solution (Platform SoC)
product: MB86S71、MB86S72
Specialty: Cortex®-A15 Dual/A7 Dual、 Mali™-T624
product: MB86S73
Specialty: Cortex®-A7 Dual、 Mali™-T624
Medical Healthcare Solution
product: viewphii
Specialty:Mobile ultrasound imaging
Mobile continuous blood pressure meter
Mobile electrocardiogram
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