We accelerate business innovation by supporting infrastructure for video distribution using a variety of communication technologies.

In an era where every corner of the world is connected to a network for either wired communications, mobile communications, or satellite communications, the networking technologies supporting these communications advance every day. We fulfil customers’ various needs with our advanced solutions, such as internal networks of data centers, networks between data centers, optical backbone networks for long-haul* communications, and even networks requiring high-compression, high-quality video distribution.
*Distances over 1,000 km
Video Distribution Solutions
Our video distribution solutions connect our imaging solutions, allowing communication and showing content that attracts viewers. Our solutions don't just reduce the number of bands required for video distribution, but they also reduce the storage capacity for content by using our video compression and expansion technologies. Offering the most advanced encoding, we achieve maximum value for video distribution and provide new value to our customers.
Multi-format codec / real-time encoder
It realizes H.265(HEVC) conversion of 4K/60p video with a single chip.
Compact and low power consumption codec
It can perform real-time compression and playback of 4K/60p H.265 (HEVC) video.
Hybrid codec
It is realized by combination of high-speed processing with dedicated hardware and flexible software processing with general-purpose CPU.
Real-time transcode engine
It enables video playback on various display devices by converting video into other formats in real time.
Network Solutions
Our low power consumption, custom SoCs, which use cutting-edge, high-quality IPs, support IT infrastructure around the world. We supported the launch of the world's leading 100, 200, 400 -Gigabit and 1-Terabit optical communication technologies. As part of our network solutions, we not only promote the advancement of customer business, but also provide advanced custom SoCs, improving them in step with advances in business. 
● The world's leading high-speed ADC/DAC
● High-speed SerDes
● High performance package
Product Line-up
AV Codec
Product: SC2M50
Feature: H.265(HEVC) 4K/60p
Compact and low power consumption codec
Product: MB86M30
Feature: H.265(HEVC)4K/60p
Multi-format codec
Product: 8K H.265(HEVC)Real-time encoder
Feature: H.265(HEVC)8K/60p Real-time encoder
(By application to codec products)
Product: SC2M15
Feature: H.264 2K/60p Transcoder
Product: MB86M31
Feature: H.265(HEVC) 4K/60p Real-time encoder
Product: MB86M25
Feature: H.264 2K/60i Transcoder
Product Roadmap
Video Distribution Solution

Network Solution

Main IPs
Video Distribution Solutions
●H.264 Encoder/Transcoder
●MPEG2 Encoder/Decoder
Network Solutions
●ADC 30-128Gsps*1 / DAC 30-128Gsps
●SerDes 1 to 56Gbps, Very Short Reach (VSR) to Long Reach (LR)
*1 sps: samples per second
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