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We deliver comprehensive solutions that touch people's hearts by creating realistic video and audio that realize the potential of 4K and 8K displays.

From 2K to 4K, and now 8K. In the world of broadcasting and web content, with constant advances in resolution, sophisticated technology collaboration is essential to fully deliver excellent performance. At Socionext, we provide comprehensive solutions, from the latest video processing technology to hardware and applications. We help our customers deliver new video experiences that make viewers feel as if they are there, along with realistic audio.
8K TV Solutions
For 8K TV test broadcasting, which will commence in Japan before the rest of the world, we will be providing an 8K chipset for the first time anywhere. By taking advantage of video signal processing technologies developed while providing 2K and 4K TV solutions, we are producing video that is optimized for 8K and higher resolution, with high-brightness display panels. In collaboration with broadcasters and TV makers, we will lead the launch and development of 8K TV broadcasting services globally.
  • An 8K TV system easily realized with our 8K chip set*1
  • The world's first*2 8K video decoder, supporting the H.265 (HEVC) standard
  • The word's first demodulator*3, supporting ISDB-S3 and multiple carrier standards
  • *1 SC1400A (BONNY)、SC1501A (ISDB-S3)、SC1401A (LD20)
  • *2 As determined by our company study, conducted in March 2016。
  • *3 As determined by our company study, conducted in September 2016
2K/4K Global TV Solutions
For latest TV, besides broadcast viewing, viewing content via networks is bocoming more important.With our unique video engine supporting advanced codec and security systems as well as state-of-the-art video and audio technology, our total solution can fully convey the force and excitement of 4K VOD content transmitted from all over the world via network distribution service.
Public Signage Solutions
We provide digital signage solutions with a SoC for display devices that include a variety of interfaces. For multi-screen purposes, the SoC also supports the industry's largest 10 x 10 panel. With functions to adjust to the joint width and the differences in display color between panels, it allows you to efficiently develop public display products. Moreover, we have developed the 8K signage solution with IP connection to existing transmission-type signage systems and supporting 8K video streaming, and have proposed the latest signage solutions.
Product Line-up
Product: SC1400A (BONNY)
Feature: H.265 (HEVC) 8K/60p demodulator
Product: SC1501A (ISDB-S3)
Feature: compatible ISDB-S3/ITU-T J.183 demodulator
Product: SC1401A (LD20)
Feature: 4K Smart TV
H.265 (HEVC)/VP9 4K/60p
Product: SC1405AP1 (LD11)
Feature: 2K Smart TV DDR on-chip
Product: MN2WS0290 (sLD10e)
Feature: 2K Just TV DDR on-chip
2K-4K Converter/ Image Interface Conversion
Product: MN86912x (HV2 series)
Feature: HDMI 2.0 Rx (4ch)
HDMI 2.0 Tx/Panel output IF (1-ch each)
2K-4K conversion, ultra-high resolution
Digital Broadcast Demodulation LSI
Product: MN884433
Feature: ISDB (Japan, South America)
Product: MN884434
Feature: ISDB (Japan, South America) For twin tuner
Product: MN88436
Feature: ATSC (North America)
Public Signage SoC
Product: MN81010H (GARNET)
Feature: Interactive signage Multi-screen compatible
Product:8K Signage BOX
Feature:8K HEVC Stream Play (8K/60p)


Product Roadmap


Main IPs
● 4K/8K video up-converter
● Digital broadcast demodulation
● Media processor(IPP)
● Secure transaction processor
● H.264 decoder
● H.265(HEVC) decoder
● Resolution processing
● Audio processing
● AV input/output control
● HDMI 2.0 Rx/Tx
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